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Bartercard FAQs – How Do I Join?

Becoming a member of Bartercard is incredibly easy – all you have to do is call 1300 BARTER (1300 227 837) and a professional consultant will be able to assist.

If you have some further questions before proceeding with your membership, that’s fine too! The team at Bartercard Australia is always ready and able to assist with whatever it is you need, including formulating a plan that suits your business best.


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FAQs – What Kind Of Businesses Are in Bartercard?

With more than 24,000 businesses a part of the Bartercard network, you can bet that the variety of industries you’ll find in our membership base is all-encompassing. To be more specific, there are more than 700 categories of businesses connected with Bartercard Australia, from Accommodation right through to Zoos.

Whether your particular business fits into one of our categories or you’re part of a unique niche, we welcome organisations from all different industries.


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Bartercard FAQs – What is the Tax Treatment for Transactions?

As far as tax deductions and claims go, Bartercard transactions can be treated in the exact same way as you would with a regular transaction using Australian currency. Just as with usual cash and credit transactions, GST is paid and received by members in the value of trade dollars. It’s also important to note that one Bartercard trade dollar (T$1) is the exact value of one Australian dollar (AUD$1).

Any time an exchange of a taxable supply occurs between members, there is a tax liability. For considerations: a consideratio

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Bartercard FAQs – What Is A Trade Dollar?

Trade dollars are the currency that Bartercard members use to make transactions with. One trade dollar (T$1) is equivalent to one Australian dollar (AUD$1), which you will need to know for accounting and taxing purposes under Tax Ruling IT2668.

The Australian Taxation Office website will be able to answer any of your more in depth questions, or the Bartercard Account Manager you are assigned with once becoming a member will be able and willing to assist.


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Bartercard FAQs – Are There Business Networking Functions?

Being a part of the Bartercard network is about more than just opening up your trading opportunities, it’s about being able to share knowledge and expose your business name to a broader audience. We offer this and more through our more than 500 local and state-wide networking functions held every year across Australia.

You’ll be able to meet with other Bartercard┬ámembers in your area, learn how they use our trading network for maximum gain, and of course promote your own business. The power that networking has for str

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Bartercard FAQs – Can I Trade Overseas?

Bartercard is a global network, with offices in New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Thailand, South Africa the U.A.E and Cyprus. We also have relationships with other international trade networks, which your Account Manager will be able to provide more information on.

Many Bartercard members enjoy the benefits of being able to use their trade dollars on a global scale, including being able to travel overseas.


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