Bartercard FAQs – Can I Charge Part Cash/Part Barter?


Bartercard Australia is wholly a trading network, and members agree to exchange 100% with barter upon joining. There are some exceptions to this rule of course, particularly with larger transactions. This includes Real Estate purchases being conducted through Bartercard, as they can potentially be traded at a barter rate as low as 20%. There can also be negotiations made for transactions that exceed $100,000, and trades that are going to be continuous can potentially be conducted under a part cash/barter arrangement, grante

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Bartercard FAQs – Can I Convert Trade Dollars To Cash?


Yes you can, and many of our members do so every day, simply by using their Bartercard trade dollars to buy products that they then resell for cash. This might work for you if, for example, you are a restaurant owner, and purchase wine through Bartercard which you then sell to customers.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when you’re buying products and services using trade dollars that you would usually spend cash on, you’re already saving cash!


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FAQs – None Of My Suppliers Have Bartercard?


If you’re worried about none of your current suppliers being a part of the Bartercard network to trade with, you shouldn’t be. When you become a member, we will conduct an in-depth analysis to identify suppliers within our network to find an appropriate match for you.

If this doesn’t return results that are pleasing to you, the team at Bartercard Australia will work with you to potentially bring in new suppliers. We have had many members enjoy an increased profit margin by recommending and referring new su

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Bartercard FAQs – Can I Limit How Much I Trade?


You can absolutely put a limit on your Bartercard trading. Every business has ebbs and flows of busy periods and periods where they have extra capacity to take on more business, and as such you can adjust your trading to suit. Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you to determine the best plan for you and your needs, at every stage of your membership with Bartercard Australia.

You can trade up to 10 to 15% of your total business turnover.


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FAQs – Can I Use Bartercard For Personal Purchases?


The short answer is yes, of course!

One of the main aims of Bartercard Australia is to help you improve the cash flow of your business, and as your business fuels your personal expenses it makes sense to offset them using trade dollars where possible.

You can use your Bartercard trade dollars specifically as director’s dividends, drawings or as a loan. If you deposit cash into your business and draw out the same amount of trade dollars, FBT is not applicable. Your accountant can further assist you on how to synergise

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Bartercard FAQs – How Does A Transaction Work?


A Bartercard transaction can be seen as something quite similar to a standard credit or debit card transaction. The basic system is that members exchange their goods and services for trade dollars, which is accounted for electronically. They can then use the Bartercard trade dollars they have earned to purchase the goods and services from any other member within our network.

Unlike many bartering systems, you don’t need to make a direct exchange with the same business you are selling to. You can keep your trade dollar

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