Support for Bartercard Email Scam

Think you’ve been a victim of an email scam by a party pretending to be Bartercard? We urge you to report it using the form to the right, and to follow our guidelines outlined below to make sure you can identify an email scam and keep your Bartercard account safe.

  • Never open a link within a suspicious email. People forget this rule, as they think as long as they aren’t providing any personal details they are safe, but opening a link can be just as potentially dangerous, as they can force download a virus onto your computer.
  • On that note, never reply to an email providing your personal details, either. Bartercard will never ask you to hand out your details via email communication.
  • Look out for any telltale signs that an email may be potentially a scam, like lots of spelling mistakes, a suspicious email address, or even the misspelling of your name.

We encourage anyone who believes they have been sent a scam email that appears to be from Brtercard to report it with us immediately. This will assist us in preventing these hoaxes from affecting any of our other members.